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Portable energy storage, light up people’s life

Portable energy storage power, hereinafter referred to as “outdoor power”, is an alternative to the traditional small fuel generator, small built-in lithium ion battery energy storage equipment, has the characteristics of large capacity, high power, safe and portable, can provide the output voltage stability of AC/DC power supply system, battery capacity is larger, equipped with AC, DC, the Type – C, USB, PD and other interface, It can match mobile phones, portable computers and other mainstream electronic devices in the market, and is suitable for outdoor travel, emergency relief, medical rescue, outdoor operations and other scenes.


The upgrading of electricity demand in different scenarios has spawned the strong development of portable outdoor power supply. Especially in the past two years, the outdoor driving trip, outdoor work, and even medical emergency, family power emergency, everywhere can see the play of portable outdoor power supply.


Lighting and power consumption in poor areas: provide lighting and mobile phone charging functions to meet basic electricity needs in poor areas in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Electricity consumption for outdoor life: In the outdoor life close to nature, not only mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other equipment need electricity, but also electric appliances such as rice cookers and barbeques. Ordinary charging treasure, obviously can not meet the demand at the same time. At this time, the advantages of portable outdoor power supply of large capacity is fully reflected.


Power consumption for outdoor work: some power grid testing, outdoor mapping, photovoltaic roof installation and other construction operations, special tools carried by construction personnel, such as charging drill, electric screw batch, uav, also have power demand. In the absence of outdoor power supply, alternative power support schemes can only be sought. Portable outdoor power supply can provide longer working time for equipment.


Medical emergency electricity consumption: in many medical emergency scenarios, some professional medical instruments, such as ventilators and medical carts, cannot be used without electricity. Not only that, but electricity needs to follow medical devices. And portable outdoor power supply, its mobile, portable characteristics, can give full play to the advantages of medical emergency to bring help.


Emergency electricity: when the power is cut off at home, there is a portable power supply, which can provide lighting for a short time, charge mobile phones and laptop computers, providing convenience for life.


In the past, outdoor and emergency power supply was mainly provided by small oil-fired generators. However, oil-fired generators were noisy, complex and polluting, and their large size limited their use in mobile charging scenarios. With the development of electrochemical energy storage technology, lead battery is the first to replace diesel generator, but lead battery has short service life and poor endurance. Lithium batteries have longer service life, low failure rate, light weight, small size, high energy density and fast charging. In the future, with the continuous optimization of lithium battery energy density technology and battery system design, the endurance and stability of lithium battery will continue to improve, and the competitiveness of lithium battery energy storage products compared with other energy storage technologies will be further highlighted, thus promoting the rapid growth of portable energy storage products market scale.


The design features of portable energy storage products: due to the relatively low battery capacity and simple structure, the cylindrical battery with the highest product consistency is generally selected to reduce the difficulty of battery management, and the product can be flexibly deployed with electricity. On the requirements of the cell, more emphasis on capacity and cycle times. Cell trend, because the terminal products continue to intensive, lightweight evolution, the use of high capacity cell has become a trend, high capacity cell for the material system and product performance of higher requirements, the selection of cell suppliers to further improve.


Zonergy started the layout of portable power supply earlier, currently there are 10-20W, 30-60W, 80-100W and other specifications, power supply control, energy storage integration design, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, economic and practical; Provide 5V/USB standard output port, can continuously charge mobile phones, provide 12V output port, can power most DC electrical appliances, considering that often used in the field, the power supply has overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, reverse connection and other automatic protection functions, no need to replace the insurance. Also can provide power cord, LED lighting, and small power components, to achieve one-stop service, greatly convenient to users.


Clean Energy, Everywhere!



Portable energy storagePortable energy storagePortable energy storage

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