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Zonergy powering Commercial businesses with Industrial Smart Energy Storage System

In recent years, the cost of photovoltaics and energy storage has decreased year by year, while the price of fuel-oriented power generation tends to rise. Photovoltaic off-grid power generation systems have also begun to enter into people’s commercial and Businesses field. The practice has proved that the micro-grid power generation system composed of photovoltaic off-grid power generation system and fuel-fired generator set has a better economy when used for large scale industrial units.


Zonergy is committed to offering the top-ranking integrated smart microgrid solutions for global customers, including technology research & development and production, sales and trade, engineering design and implementation, energy management and optimization for multi-energy complementary, and coordination of wind, solar, hydro, storage and charging. Through years of development, the company has accumulated strong technical strength and rich engineering experience. It has been home to first-class technical research and development, engineering implementation, and market development team, which can guarantee business development in an all-around manner. Its market is spread over most of the regions in China and overseas countries along with and European countries so that it can provide customers with the best solutions and services.


The photovoltaic hybrid energy storage system supports functions such as photovoltaic access, battery energy storage system, grid-connected output, off-grid output, etc. It can be connected to photovoltaic strings from 200V to 850V and used with 420V-850V high-voltage energy storage batteries. The system utilizes a power frequency off-grid inverter, which has a reliable operation, simple wiring, and strong inductive load capacity. It forms an oil-solar complementary photovoltaic off-grid system with a fuel-fired generator. When the fuel-fired generator is started on continuous rainy days, it can reduce the battery configuration and reduce the initial investment. The inverter has 100% unbalanced load capacity, which is convenient to drive single-phase loads. It also can monitor the voltage, current, and insulation resistance of each string, as well as the voltage, current, temperature, and remaining power of the energy storage batteries, and check the system operation at any time to reduce the faults.


With a multi-level modular design, the inverter supports multiple sets in parallel, covering 30kW to 500kW inverter and 100kWh-900kWh battery capacities, and is suitable for multi-scenario distributed energy projects. The battery cabinet and electric control cabinet split system can be transported flexibly by container or bulk carriers, with simple on-site installation. IP55 protection meets a variety of application environments. With intelligent monitoring and remote operation and maintenance, the EMS management system has multiple operation mode options. Hierarchical linkage and multiple protections ensure the safe operation of the system including lightning protection, battery management, fire extinguishing system, thermal management, etc.


Zonergy continue to evolve by offering smart and intelligent microgrid energy solution based on large commercial business requirements and emerging needs. Zonergy believe in continue growth model to offer customize cost efficient Energy solutions for its customer across the globe. The company ambitious to become world leading Photovoltaic manufacturer and solution provider with swift delivery and quality installation in every part of the world.

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