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Company Profile

Zonergy Corporation

Established in 2007, Zonergy Corporation (hereinafter as “Zonergy”) is a national level high-tech world-renowned enterprise specialized in smart microgrid integrated solutions.. Zonergy is committed to providing first-class smart micro-grid solutions for global customers. After years of development, Zonergy has accumulated strong technical strength and engineering experience, forming a first-class technology research and development, engineering implementation and market development team. This has enabled Zonergy to develop business in most regions across China and overseas countries, providing customers with premium quality microgrid solutions and services.


In recent years, relying on its own complete industrial chain, high-level R&D team and strong strategic alliance, Zonergy has ranked among top in the world in the construction scale of off-grid optical storage smart micro-grid projects, with industry leading technical solutions and implementation capabilities.

On this basis, the company has concentrated efforts in the field of optical storage smart micro-grid, successively established Zigong R&D and production bases and Shenzhen Research Institute, and established Chengdu Research Institute, focusing on the research and product development of sodium ion battery cells and BMS. Among them, Zigong R&D and Production Base covers an area of about 140 mu.

In 2020, it was awarded the “Sichuan Solar Energy Storage Smart Microgrid Engineering Technology Research Center” issued by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

In 2021, the project was successfully selected as one of “Major Projects jointly-constructed by Sichuan and Chongqing”.

Photovoltaic Energy Systems

Zonergy has an existing product portfolio with four major categories including residential products, commercial products, large-scale power station products and photovoltaic module products. Products specifically include Residential Energy Storage Systems, Residential Off-grid Energy Storage, Integrated Solar Power Storage, On-grid Photovoltaic Inverters, Off-grid Photovoltaic Inverters, Residential Outdoor Off-grid Energy Storage, Portable Power Supply, Outdoor Commercial Energy Storage, Integrated Communication Power Supply, Utility Energy Storage System, PV modules, Carbon Crystal Wall Heater, etc.

Zonergy’s products are designed in strict accordance with relevant international and domestic standards and have been certified by CQC, UN/MSDS, CE/CB, IEC, EN, VDE, CEI and other domestic and foreign authorities. Additionally, all products have passed the World Bank Lighting Global (Lighting Global) equipment partner certification. As of September 30, 2022, 182 intellectual property rights have been declared, including 39 invention patents, 100 utility model patents, 25 design patents, and 18 software copyrights.

Zonergy’s industry status has seen rapid improvements. In 2021, it’s domestic shipments of energy storage system integrators ranked 8th; in 2022, it entered the top 30 innovative energy storage companies in China, ranking 24th, and ranking 17th in energy storage system integration companies.

Zonergy won the most influential enterprise award in China’s energy storage industry in 2022, the new enterprise award of the 6th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition. Zonergy has a leading share in the market of nationally distributed photovoltaic demonstration projects, domestic off-grid photovoltaic storage projects, and large-scale photovoltaic ground power station projects. At present, Zonergy has invested in the construction of photovoltaic power stations with a total installed capacity of more than 1GW and an installed capacity of energy storage exceeding 1GWh.

In the domestic solar power storage sector, Zonergy has invested in the construction of large-scale ground photovoltaic power stations in Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other western provinces rich in light resources.. Additionally, Zonergy also invested in the development of distributed solar power storage projects for industrial and commercial applications in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin, etc.

Among them, the Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Zibo High-tech Zone, Shandong was listed in the first batch of “National Demonstration Zone for Large-scale Application of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation”. Additionally, the Photovoltaic Power Generation Project constructed in the High-tech Park Shenzhen was approved as a national “Demonstration Zone for Centralized Application of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation”.

In the off-grid solar power storage sector, Zonergy took solving the people’s livelihood issues as its own responsibility and focused on participating in the “Three Year Action Plan of Comprehensive Power Supply Solutions for People Living in Areas with no Mains Supply” issued by the National Energy Administration, and became the leader in PV independent power supply project implementation, operation, and maintenance in China.

In practice, Zonergy deployed power supply projects in Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai and other provinces and autonomous regions to solve the problem of no mains power availability for 453 thousand people living in 657 towns situated in 99 counties. In view of its outstanding performance in these projects, Zonergy was awarded the title of “Advanced Provider of Comprehensive Power Solutions for the People Living in Areas with no Mains Supply” by the National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

Among them, the “Power Project with Independent Photovoltaic Supply for Areas with no Mains Supply” in Sichuan Province was successfully selected into the “Demonstration List of Smart Photovoltaic Projects” jointly reviewed and released by six ministries and commissions in 2020.

In the international market for solar power storage and supply, the photovoltaic ground power station with a capacity of 9*100 MW in Punjabi, Pakistan was listed as one of the priority projects in China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The commencement ceremony of the project were jointly presented by XI Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Among them, the on-grid project with the power of 3*100 MW commissioned in July 2016 with an annual power generation of more than 500 million kWh has become the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the field of photovoltaic power station in Pakistan. This is the first on-grid power generation project and the first one yielding profits in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Due to the Zonergy’s outstanding performance, the project won the “Luban” China Construction Engineering Award.

In recent years, Zonergy furthered market exploration in Pakistan and customized integrated solar power storage solutions for local residential, industrial and commercial customers. To present, Zonergy has opened nearly 73 flagship stores in Pakistan to provide one-stop services from equipment sales to project design and project implementation.

Several distributed solar power storage projects for industrial and commercial use constructed by Zonergy have been successfully connected to the grid. As a result, the market share of Zonergy in distributed solar power storage reached 30%. Meanwhile, Zonergy also developed a well-known new energy brand that is growing in popularity in Pakistan.

Zonergy further develops market in Pakistan

With a more efficient synergy of its complete industrial chain, continuous innovation and global market system, Zonergy will make further explorations in the field of smart micro grid, strive to be the first in green energy technology and the market, serve global customers with high-quality products and solutions, facilitate green energy transformation and build a greener and brighter future!

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