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Zonergy Corporation made a grand appearance at the 2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo

From August 9 to 11, the 2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo was held in Guangzhou. Zonergy Corporation grandly participated in the exhibition, and brought a number of optical storage products with core competitiveness to booth c472, attracting a large number of exhibitors.


2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo

2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo


Four series debut to create fine products


According to the data of the national energy administration, in the first half of 2022, the newly installed capacity of household PV in China was nearly 9gw, which was almost the same as that of centralized and industrial and commercial distribution. The European household energy storage market is experiencing “blowout” growth. The household storage system presents a fine development trend in terms of product performance and user experience, and has higher requirements on the R & D level, innovation ability and quality control ability of enterprises.



At this exhibition, the single-phase panda series of xingchu century household energy storage system, the single-phase Venus series of household light storage integrated machine, the single-phase mercury series of household photovoltaic grid connected inverter, and the Apollo series of household three-phase photovoltaic grid connected inverter made their debut, which attracted the attention of the industry. The four series of products can meet the higher needs of domestic, European and even global customers in the field of household light storage, and have the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability, stability and intelligence. Taking panda series products as an example, this series of products adopts 5kwh modular design and 5-30kwh flexible expansion; Stronger stability, automatic isolation of faulty battery modules to keep the system running; Built in smart grid management to meet the power grid dispatching function; With IP65 protection level, it can adapt to various harsh application environments.


2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo


Venus, mercury and Apollo series products have high stability and are more intelligent. Venus has app remote monitoring function, simple maintenance, unlimited function expansion and strong battery compatibility. Mercury can intelligently adapt the weak current network to avoid frequent disconnection; Independent two-way MPPT tracking to adapt to different installation environments; Support remote parameter setting, fault diagnosis and software upgrade. Apollo DC capacity ratio can reach 1.5 times, perfect for high current and double-sided components; Adaptive control algorithm, which can adapt to harsh environment and power grid; The monitoring mode is flexible and supports RS485, WiFi / GPRS.


Optical storage integration helps energy reform


In this exhibition, Zonergy Corporation exhibited a full range of main products of the company’s household, industrial and commercial, large-scale power stations and photovoltaic modules, including household off grid energy storage system, household off grid photovoltaic inverter, household outdoor off grid energy storage, portable power supply, outdoor industrial and commercial energy storage, integrated communication power supply, container optical storage system, container energy storage system, polysilicon / monocrystalline silicon solar modules, The company’s products are designed in strict accordance with relevant international and domestic standards, and have obtained CQC, TUV, CE / CB, IEC, en, VDE, CEI, UN / MSDS and other authoritative certifications at home and abroad, and have passed the world bank lighting global equipment partner certification.



Exhibition Energy Storage ProductsExhibition Energy Storage Products


The company’s products are widely used in various scale optical storage projects at home and abroad, including the photovoltaic independent power supply project in non power areas to solve the people’s livelihood problems. This year, the company undertook the expansion project of Sichuan photovoltaic independent power supply, mainly including the expansion of 34 photovoltaic independent power supply stations in Xinlong county and Litang County of Ganzi Prefecture and Xichang City, Muli County and Yanyuan County of Liangshan Prefecture, with a total installed capacity of 2.69mw, The total installed capacity of energy storage is 23694kwh, which will solve the power consumption problem of 896 households and 2400 people without electricity. At the same time, the annual power generation of the power station is 3970712kwh, which can save 1302 tons of standard coal and reduce 3959 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. It can make positive contributions to the local green development.



Introduce products to customersIntroduce products to customers


In the construction and transformation of the station, the company uses the latest technology and equipment and adopts a new generation of lithium iron phosphate energy storage cabinet, which is more stable and safe. The new equipment can realize three-phase power transmission and distribution microgrid, intelligent energy control and advanced charge and discharge management strategy, extend the service life of the energy storage system, realize the output energy of the longest backup power, ensure the backup power supply of the load for three days, and meet the requirements of the people for continuous use for three rainy days under the specified service conditions. The stability and sustainability of power consumption are greatly improved.



Photovoltaic Energy


The new energy revolution is the fundamental path for the world to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. Under the guidance of the “30 · 60 double carbon goal”, China’s economic and social development has entered the stage of comprehensive green transformation, in which light storage applications will play an important role. Zonergy Corporation will always focus on customers, drive social green, low-carbon and sustainable development with product value, provide customers with high-quality products and solutions, and continue to focus on innovative research and development, Promote the evolution of cutting-edge technologies and make clean energy benefit the world.


2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo

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