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Zonergy Signed Cooperation Agreement with Assosolar

On October 14th, ZONERGY EUROPE SRL and Assosolar signed a cooperation agreement in Milan, Italy. Avv. Donatella Paciello, member of City Council of Monza; Guo Jun, executive director and president of Zonergy; Li Jiang, general manager of Zonergy Europe; Lin Chen, technical director of Assosolar; Zhao Zhifeng, marketing director of Assosolar; Zhao Feng, sales manager of Assosolar; Zhu Jianwen, president of Italian Chinese Enterprise Association; Zhao Jianfeng, president of Italian North Economic and Trade Association and other industry experts and the press attended the signing ceremony.


Zonergy Signed Cooperation Agreement with Assosolar


This year witnesses the explosive development of optical storage products in Europe. Zonergy seized the historic development opportunity to tap the European market and actively cooperate with local enterprises. As a well-known seller, installer and repairer of photovoltaic products in Italy, Assosolar has obtained the credentials of photovoltaic engineering construction and accumulated rich experience in carrying out government engineering projects. After the signing of the cooperation agreement, Assosolar will serve as the top agent and official partner of after-sales maintenance of Zonergy in Italy to promote product sales, after-sales service and maintenance of Zonergy in Europe.


President Guo delivered a speech at the signing ceremony


President Guo delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. He said that as a world-renowned provider of integrated solutions for smart microgrid, Zonergy carried out elaborate analysis of the European market and the demand of local customers so as to provide high-quality products and services for the local market. He said that with years of experience and strong technical advantages in the photovoltaic industry, Assosolar will provide strong support for Zonergy in product sales, product installation and after-sales service. He hoped that the two companies would cooperate in absolute sincerity to provide more efficient, more intelligent and safer photovoltaic+energy storage power generation system for the European market. He finally expressed his belief that carbon neutrality and net zero target in Europe would definitely be achieved on schedule!


Lin Chen, technical director of Assosolar, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony


Lin Chen, technical director of Assosolar, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. He said that the promotion and development of photovoltaic industry would be beneficial to environmental protection for European enterprises and residents and provide a more economical alternative energy for Europe in the long run. He said that as a leading enterprise in the optical storage industry, Zonergy would bring more professional, efficient and reliable experience to its customers through the cooperation so that photovoltaic products and services would bring benefit to mankind.


Good cooperation

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