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Uses And Benefits Of An Efficient Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System


The energy storage system comprises a group of assembled devices that convert and store electrical energy. The system then supplies the stored energy when the need arises. As a result, electrical storage systems help stabilize and ensure efficient use of energy.


The most commonly used storage device is the battery. It stores and provides electricity to electrical circuits and machines. Although most systems are installed at the consumption point, some are used at the power generation point. For instance, renewable energy sources store the energy generated before it is transmitted to the final consumer. Such systems need a well-functional energy storage system to deliver on their mandate.


Besides storing energy, the storage systems help in converting energy from one form to another. For instance, in a case where the energy is difficult to use while a particular form, the storage devices convert it to a usable form before it’s availed to the final consumer.


Regarding transmission, some energy storage systems allow power to flow in one direction. However, some allow it to flow in either direction. Ultimately, the energy storage system is a vital device that ensures power is available when needed. So why should one install an Energy storage system? Read on to see the benefits of investing in a reliable energy storage system.


Energy Storage System


1. Energy Storage System Enhances Reliability Of Power Supply

The grid is susceptible to breakdowns and may occasionally require some maintenance. During such times, grid power may not be available. This can lead to financial losses if no other source of power is available. Thus, having a functional energy storage system can enhance power reliability and save you from the losses. Moreover, the system may come in handy to augment other power sources during peak hours. Therefore, an Energy storage system could act as generation or distribution assets that stabilize the power supply.


2. Reduces Operational Costs

Storing electricity and using it later could help lower power cost. Also, it saves you from using fuel-guzzling generators when the grid power is unavailable. The Energy storage system, reserve the low-cost off-peak energy and use it during peak periods. This saves you from the extra charges that power companies levy during peak hours.

In addition to lowering operational costs, the energy storage systems eliminate costly power disruptions. The devices could save you from food loss and medicine spoilage during outages. Also, installing the system allows you to participate in the ongoing demand response programs.


3. Mitigate Against Environmental Impacts

A well-installed Energy storage system avails energy when it is most needed. Also, it removes pressure off the grid to make it more efficient. This is critical and plays a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, it increases the capacity factor of the existing resources and offsets the need to build another energy generation plant.


4. Use of Energy Storage System to Enhance the Quality of Power

The increasing use of electronic devices has compromised power quality. They occasion for high demand for power at any given time.  This means that suppliers must source energy from different producers to meet the demand. Mostly, they get power from independent producers, so they must interface the power with the grid through electronic circuits. But the use of these circuits compounds the already existing quality problem. Thus, using an energy storage system can help stabilize the power supply and overcome the quality problem.  


Generally, a variety of energy storage systems are available in the market. They feature different technologies which allow consumers to deploy them to various uses. Consequently, choosing the right system can help you optimize the benefits. Zonergy Corporation (hereinafter as “the Company”) is a national level high-tech enterprise specialized in smart microgrid integrated solutions with a world reputation. Visit our website and contact us to learn more information about energy storage system.

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