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Energy Storage System Blue(250~500kW)

Energy Storage System Blue(250~500kW)

This product series are of modular, strings and smart energy storage system design.

Rated system energy: 1.12 Mwh (maintenance from the interior); 1.68 MWh (maintenance from the exterior).

The overall degrees of protection shall not be lower than Ip55.

Product in this series enables independent detection for each cell, independent safety management of each battery module, anti-circulation and anti-counter-current between battery clusters. Meanwhile, it also facilitates active equalization, DC side hierarchical multi-level short-circuit protection, local control fast linkage protection, etc.

The grid supports LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT, islanding detection, active and reactive power regulation, PF control, slow start/shut down.

This product series support LAN local monitoring, 4G remote IoT, and cloud platform.

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Technical parameters: BLUE 100kW280Ah-T1 BLUE 150kW280Ah-T1
Battery voltage range 500 V-850 V
Maximum current 220 A 330 A
Photovoltaic input
Maximum photovoltaic input voltage 500 V
Maximum photovoltaic power 120 kW 180 kW
Mppt voltage range 200 V ~ 500 V
Number of MPPT 2 3
  Energy storage battery
Cell type LFP 280 Ah
Nominal voltage 749 VDC
Nominal power 1.12 MWh (maintenance from the interior) 1.68 MWh (maintenance from the exterior)
  AC (on-grid)
Maximum apparent power 110 kVA 165 kVA
Rated output power 100 kW 150 kW
Rate voltage 400 V
Voltage range 320 V-460 V
Maximum current 144 A 217 A
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency range 45-55/55-65 Hz
THDi <3%
Power Factor 1 leading ~ 1 lagging (settable)
AC system 3W+N+PE
  AC (off-grid)
Rated voltage 400 V
THDU ≤ 3% linear
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Overload capacity 110% long-term
  General data
Maximum efficiency 96.00%
Degrees of protection IP55
Noise <65dB
Ambient temperature -30 ℃~ +55 ℃
Cooling mode temperature controlled forced air cooling
Relative humidity 0 ~ 95% non condensing
Altitude for product operation 5000 m (Rating reduction occurs when the altitude for product application rises above 3000 m.)
Battery compartment dimension (mm) 6058*2438*2591
Isolation transformer available
Self power consumption after system shut-down <500W
Display TP LCD
Bms communication interface RS485/CAN
Local communication RS485/TCP/IP


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