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Powercube 100K-200HT

Powercube 100K-200HT

Modular Industrial And Commercial ESS Powercube Series
The large capacity cell reduces the system series-parallel connection.
Multi-level fire protection to ensure the safe operation of the system.
Real-time data monitoring and fault recording,fault location.
Pack-level air duct design ensures system temperature consistency.
Integrated design, convenient transportation, reduce installation costs.
Support grid-connected, off-grid operation.
Support for parallel, flexible capacity expansion.
Support Web and APP remote monitoring.

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Powercube 100K-200HT Technical parameters


Technical parameters: Powercube 100K-200HT

Battery configuration

Battery type LFP 280 Ah
PACK configuration 14.336kWh/1P16S
Battery system configuration 200kWh/1P224S
Voltage Range 627.2-806.4 Vdc
  AC parameters (on-grid )
Rated power 100 kW
Maximum charge and discharge power 110 kVA
Rated grid voltage 400, 3W+N+PE
Grid voltage range 360-440 Vac
rated current 150 A
Maximum Current 160 A
Rated grid frequency 50 Hz
Allow grid frequency fluctuations ±5 Hz
Power Factor Range ﹣1~+1
iTHD <3%(Rated power)
Parallel Capability ≥5

Rated output power

AC parameters (off-grid )

100 kVA

Rated output voltage 400,3W+N+PE
Rated output frequency 50 Hz
Output Current 150A (Linear load) /100A (Non-linear load)
Total voltage harmonic distortion rate < 3%  (Rated conditions, resistive balance load)

Size of battery cabinet


System parameters

1250*1050*2350 mm(W*D*H)

Weight of battery cabinet ~2000 kg
Protection level IP55
Operating temperature range ﹣30~+50℃ (>45℃Reduction)
Operating humidity range 0~95% (No condensation)
Max. working altitude 3000 m
Cooling mode Intelligent air-cooled
Isolation mode No transformer
Communication interface Ethernet
Communication protocol Modbus TCP
System certification EN IEC62477-1, EN IEC62619, IEC60730 Annex H, EN IEC61000-6-2, EN IEC61000-6-4, UN38.3
PCS certification GB/T34120, IEC 62477-1, IEC61000-6/-2/-4; EN50549, CEI0-21


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