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Zonergy Corporation engineers and scientists from Laboratory and R&D Departments participated in the 3rd Sodium Ion Battery Industry Chain and Standard Development Forum



On June 13, it was inaugurated the “Third Sodium-Ion Battery Industry Chain and Standards Development Forum” hosted by the China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) and the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA). The forum invited more than 500 experts, academicians, researchers from government departments and scientific research institutions, and representatives of companies related to the battery industry chain. Zonergy Corporation participated as a supporting unit of the forum.

At the meeting, professor Song Chunhua, director of Zonergy Corporation Research Institute, introduced the “China Sodium-Ion Battery Industry Technology Roadmap” drafted internally. He introduced and shared the company’s sodium ion battery progress, which received high attention and positive interest.

At the theme forum, professor Song Chunhua shared the company’s sodium-ion battery progress, from the development of new sodium-ion battery products, product cycle life, testing, certification and other aspects. Great attention and focus was paid on the operation of the company’s Sichuan Zigong city sodium-ion battery light storage and charging integrated demonstration project. It is actually the first successfully project that was put into operation ever since.

Zonergy’s sodium-ion battery energy storage demonstration project in Sichuan Province and the leading polyanion sodium-ion battery energy storage demonstration project in the country are among the most advanced in local China but also worldwide.

In addition, the company displayed the company’s sodium-ion battery products and characteristics in a booth, which attracted the attention of participants.

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