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Zonergy officially entered the European market

Zonergy is committed to offering the top-ranking integrated smart microgrid solutions for global customers, including technology research & development and production, sales and trade, engineering design and implementation, energy management and optimization for multi-energy complementary, and coordination of wind, solar, hydro, storage and charging. Through years of development, the company has accumulated strong technical strength and rich engineering experience. It has been home to first-class technical research and development, engineering implementation, and market development team, which can guarantee business development in an all-around manner. Its market is spread over most of the regions in China and overseas countries along with the “Belt and Road” and European countries so that it can provide customers with the best solutions and services.


Zonergy Europe Srl is located in Milan, Italy. Which is committed to providing clean energy for European development. Zonergy is widely recognized for its global competence in PV, energy storage, renewable energy solutions.Competency in technical strength, decent professional service offered.Cooperate with us, Let Sunshine pay your Electricity bill, use Clean & Green Energy, life with zero carbon.


Solar Energy


The Company has an existing product portfolio with four major categories including residential products, commercial products, large-scale power station products and photovoltaic module products. Products specifically include Residential Energy Storage Systems, Residential Off-grid Energy Storage, Integrated Solar Power Storage, On-grid Photovoltaic Inverters, Off-grid Photovoltaic Inverters, Residential Outdoor Off-grid Energy Storage, Portable Power Supply, Outdoor Commercial Energy Storage, Integrated Communication Power Supply, Utility Energy Storage System, PV modules, Carbon Crystal Wall Heater, etc.


Zonergy Europe intends to introduce smart and efficient renewable energy solutions and offer more options for European customers. With its expertise and technical strength, Zonergy hopes to revolutionize the renewable energy sector and serve global customers with high-quality products and solutions. It is the company’s vision to facilitate green energy transition and build a greener and brighter future for generations to come.

Clean Energy, Everywhere!

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