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Shining Land of Thousand Islands | Zonergy Makes Debut at Solartech Indonesia 2023

The grand opening of the three-day Solartech Indonesia 2023 was held at Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Center, Indonesia on March 2. Zonergy Corporation made its debut at the exhibition, and Jun Guo, executive director and president of the company, led the delegation as the team leader. A wide range of PV storage products with core competitiveness was showcased, attracting the attention of many exhibitors.


At the exhibition, Zonergy exhibited Panda single-phase series, Apollo G-330 three-phase grid-connected inverter, Mercury series single-phase grid-connected inverter, portable power supply and other products launched for the Indonesian market. In particular, Panda series products can satisfy the needs of local families. With a designed modular capacity of 5kWh, it can be flexibly expanded from 5 to 30kWh; with stronger stability, the faulty battery module can be automatically isolated to ensure the stable operation of the system; and powered by a built-in smart grid management system, it can serve the function of power grid dispatching. With a capacity ratio as high as 1.5 times, Apollo series DC can be well-matched with large current and double-sided components; empowered by a self-adaptive control algorithm, it can work well in a harsh environment; it offers various monitoring modes, supporting RS485 and WiFi/GPRS. Mercury series can intelligently adapt to weak power grid and avoid frequent Internet disconnection; with independent two-way MPPT tracking, it can adapt to different installation environments. The portable power bank products offered by Zonergy come in with a wide array of models, including large, medium and small specifications, multiple functions, complete certification, and standard lithium iron phosphate battery, ensuring safety and reliability; with the addition of a fashionable exterior, it is tailor-made for Indonesia and other island countries.



With the in-depth development of a market-based economy, accelerated urbanization, continuous population growth and the frequent occurrences of power outages in Indonesia, this country has an increasingly urgent demand for a stable power supply. Against such a backdrop, the Indonesian authorities have picked up the pace to implement renewable energy power generation projects and upgrade power grid infrastructure, propelling the development process of the country’s energy storage industry.

On the first day of the exhibition, Zonergy Booth was frequented by local customers and exhibitors, and an endless stream of visitors. Potential clients from different industries, EPC companies and distributors expressed interest in the company’s products, and Panda single-phase series energy products attracted much attention. As a country with many islands, Indonesia boasts a large market for household and outdoor energy storage products. The company will continue to focus on customers and provide high-quality products and solutions. Meanwhile, it will further deepen innovation and research and development, and bolster the green development of Southeast Asia with technological innovation.


Solartech Indonesia is one of the largest annual solar energy exhibitions in the country. The exhibition covers an area of about 15,000 square meters and attracts about 20,000 visitors. A total of 300 solar industry exhibitors from 20 countries attended, and a series of business meetings, forum meetings and other activities were held concurrently to facilitate exhibitors to find target buyers.

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