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On-grid solar system: The best source of Your Electricity

If you are thinking about green energy, that can be renewable, and environment-friendly, Solar power is the best solution for you. Solar power is getting widely used day by day. You can use solar power electricity instead of your regular electricity. The solar system provides electricity most conveniently. You can set the on-grid solar system at your home and office to get your electricity.

This article will provide you with an overall idea of an On-grid solar system, how an On-grid solar system work, its features, where you can get the best On-grid solar system, and the advantages of an On-grid solar system. 

On-grid solar system


What is an on-grid solar system?

An on-grid solar system is widely known as a grid-tied solar system that collects energy from sunlight and converts the energy into electricity. People can set up a solar panel on the rooftop that collects energy from sunlight and turned into electricity. This is the best way of using renewable energy most effectively. So, people are getting concerned and interested to shift this system. On-grid solar systems allow you to make your electricity and use that at less cost and difficulty. The electricity produced from On-grid solar systems can be used at both home and industry levels. So, people can set up a system at their home or office and become tension free for electricity. Zonergy manufactures and supplies different types of solar systems and equipment to the market that can meet your needs.

On-grid solar system


Best quality and highly affordable On-grid solar system Components

We (Zonergy) offer the best quality and hi-tech On-grid solar systems and other necessary components to our customers which provide the best output and experience. We have several components and segments of On-grid solar systems for different customers. These are-

Residential Products: Zonergy manufactures different types of residential products that are used in the On-grid solar system of one’s home residence. These include Energy Storage System Panda (3.68~6kW / 5~30kWh), Three-phase PV Inverter Apollo(8~30kW), Single-Phase PV Inverter Mercury(3.68~6kW), Hybrid Inverter Venus(3.68~6kW), Wall Heater, Off-grid Power Supply Granite(0.5~1kW).


Utility & Commercial Products: These products include high-capacity inverters, panels, controlling systems, and energy storage components designed to meet the needs of large-scale solar installations and On-grid solar systems. Zonergy’s two popular systems are Energy Storage System Scorpio (30~50kW) and Energy Storage System Blue(250~500kW).


Portable power station: A portable power station is a useful and convenient device that allows you to generate and store electrical power wherever you go. We have designed these devices to be lightweight and easy to carry, and that are perfect for camping, outdoor adventures, or emergency power outages. These stations are also able to convert sunlight to electric power. 


Conclusively, you may get some remarkable advantages by using our best-quality On-grid solar systems. All our products are superior in-

  • Cost Friendly
  • Durability
  • Ecofriendly
  • Renewable
  • Reliability


Zonergy Corporation started its journey in 2007 and has become one of the most reliable, specialized smart microgrid integrated solutions providers in the global market. We are committed to providing first-class smart microgrid solutions for global customers through our strong technical strength and engineering experience. We manufacture the best quality solar power systems and components and hold a large global market. We have served 2M people globally with Zonergy PV+Storage Plants. Our products are superior in quality and our teams are committed to providing the best services.


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