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Residential Three-phase Distributed Energy Storage System Panda-T Series PAN 4000B-T1~PAN 10KB-T1

Residential Three-phase Distributed Energy Storage System Panda-T Series PAN 4000B-T1~PAN 10KB-T1

Modular design for the whole system enables stacked installation for flexible energy capacity expansion.

The style of white appliance makes it a good fit among modern home appliances.

Smart air cooling for thermal dissipation at low temperature rise with multiple protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and other functions.

This product supports GPRS/WiFi/RS485/USB interfaces, LCD display, app and web page remote monitoring.

A design featuring light and slim requires simple installation and little space only.This product supports zero power off with seamless switching between off-grid and on-grid.

Ultra wide PV voltage range of 120-550 V and ultra large current of 13.5 A support panels for large capacity.

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Technical parameters:

PAN 4000B-T1

PAN 5000B-T1

PAN 6000B-T1

PAN 7000B-T1

PAN 8000B-T1


Power scalability

4/5/6/7/8/10 kW

Energy capacity scalability

7.68/10.24/12.8/15.36/17.92/20.48 kWh

Number of product assortment


Weight of inverter control box

30 kg  (42.3 kg with enclosure included)

Dimension (mm)

505 * 198 * 453 (660 * 210 * 640 with enclosure included)

Maximum photovoltaic power

Photovoltaic input parameters

9100 W

Start-up voltage

120 V

Maximum photovoltaic voltage

1000 V

Voltage range

120 V-1000 V

Mppt voltage range / rated voltage

120 V-1000 V/ 600 V

Number of mppt input circuits

2 / 1

Maximum input current of each circuit

12 A

Maximum short circuit current of each circuit

15 A

Rated active power

AC output parameters (grid)

4000 W                   5000 W                   6000 W                   7000 W                   8000 W                  10000 W

Maximum apparent power

4000 VA

5000 VA

6000 VA

7000 VA

8000 VA

10000 VA

maximum output current

6.1 A

7.6 A

9.1 A

10.6 A

12.1 A

15.2 A

Nominal output voltage


Nominal grid frequency

50/60Hz, ±5Hz

Power Factor at rated power


Power Factor




Maximum active power

AC output parameters (backup)

4000 W                   5000 W                   6000 W                   7000 W                   8000 W                  10000 W

Rated output current

6.1 A

7.6 A

9.1 A

10.6 A

12.1 A

15.2 A

Nominal output voltage

230 V/400 V

Rated output frequency

50/60 Hz

Automatic switching time

<10 ms


Parameters of the central control module

13 kg

Dimension (mm)



Battery specifications


Assortment scheme for cells


Total voltage/capacity of a single battery box

51.2 V/50 Ah

Voltage range

100~550 V

Energy of a single battery box

2.56 kWh

Weight of a single battery box

37 kg

Dimension of a single battery box (mm)


No. of battery boxes can be expanded

3~8 can be of serial connection

Energy of battery box for expansion

2.56 kWh*n(n=3~8)i.e.: 7.68~20.48 kWh

Battery box assortment mode

serial connection

Maximum charging/discharging current

25 A

Battery type

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Degree of protection

System parameter


No. of cycles

>6000 times

Calendar life

10 years



Working temperature

charging 3 ~ 55 ℃; discharging – 20 ~ 55 ℃

Altitude for product operation

altitude ≤ 2000 m

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