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Energy Storage System Scopio(30~50kW)

Energy Storage System Scopio(30~50kW)

The multi-level modular battery cabinet supports multiple sets in parallel connection with the battery capacity covering 100 kWh-900 kWh with flexible solutions to distributed energy projects with a variety of scenarios.

As the battery cabinet and electric control cabinet are designed in independent modules, project materials can be shipped either after System Integration or as individual modules for easy installation at site. IP55 standard of the modules are fit for a variety of application scenarios.

Smart monitoring, remote operating, and EMS enable various operating modes.

Lightning protection, Battery Management System, fire protection, thermal management and other multiple protection enabled with the hierarchical linkage mechanism secures the smooth operation of the system.

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Technical parameters: Scopio








Scopio 250KB-T1 Scopio 500KB-T1
Inverter scalability of electric control cabinet
Power scalability 30 kW 50 kW 100 kW 150 kW 250 kW 500 kW
Energy scalability 100~1500 kWh
Number of product assortment >20
Basic parameters of the inverter
Weight of a single unit 440 kg 720 kg 900 kg 1250 kg 1700 kg 3520 kg
Dimension of a single unit (mm) 800*800*1900 1200*800*2050 1800*800*2050 2800*1050*2050
Inverter photovoltaic input parameters
Maximum photovoltaic power 60/120 kW 120/180/240 kW 300/360 kW 600/660/720 kW
Start-up voltage 150 V
Maximum photovoltaic voltage 1000 V
Voltage range 150V-1000 V
MPPT voltage range / rated voltage 200V-850 V
Number of MPPT input circuits 1 / 2 2/3/4 5/6 10/11/12
AC output parameters (grid)
Rated apparent power 33 kVA 55 kVA 110 kVA 165 kVA 275 kVA 550 kVA
Rated active power 30 kW 50 kW 100 kW 150 kW 250 kW 500 kW
Maximum output current 43 A 72 A 144 A 217 A 361 A 722 A
Nominal AC output voltage 400 V/320 V~460 V
Nominal grid frequency 45-55/55-65 Hz
Power Factor at rated power 1
Power Factor 0.8leading…0.8lagging
THDi <3%
AC system 3W+N+PE
Isolation transformer available
AC output parameters (off-grid)
Maximum apparent 33 kVA 55 kVA 100 kW 150 kW 275 kVA 550 kVA
Rated active power 30 kW 50 kW 110 kVA 165 kVA 250 kW 500 kW
Rated output frequency 50/60 Hz
Automatic switching time <0.5 S
THDU ≤ 2% linear
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Overload capacity 110% – 10 minutes, 120% – 1 minute
Parameters of a single battery cube
Model ZSXH-BX-132280
Assortment scheme 1P 132S
Total voltage/capacity of a single battery cabinet 422 V/280 Ah
Voltage range 356.4 V-475.2 V
Nominal energy of a single battery cabinet 118 kWh
Weight of a single battery cabinet 1550 kg
Dimension of single battery cabinet(mm) 2470*1070*1700
Battery cabinet assortment mode parallel connection
Battery type lithium ion battery
  System parameter
Degree of protection IP55
Number of cycles >6000 times
Calendar life 10 years
Certification IEC61683, CE(IEC62109), IEC62116, IEC61727, IEC62619, UN38.3, GB/T 36276-2018
Working temperature charging 3 ~ 55 ℃; discharging – 20 ~ 55 ℃
Altitude for product operation 5000m (System capacity reduction occurs when the altitude for product application rises above 3000 meters.)

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