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Communication Integrated Power Cabinet Marble Series Marble 150A-S1Marble 600A-S1

Communication Integrated Power Cabinet Marble Series Marble 150A-S1Marble 600A-S1

The Photovoltaic MPPT controller and the mains rectifier are installed in a module. Photovoltaic supports a capacity range of 5 kW to 30 kW, and mains rectifier supports a capacity range of 5-15 kW in expansion design.

The product can be used to manage solar energy, wind energy, mains power AC, fuel generator AC, battery and other energy sources at the same time.

The product has protection against over-voltage, over-current, over temperature, under-voltage, and short circuit.

The product has BMS integrated to perform battery reverse connection protection, anti-reverse charging protection and battery over-discharge protection.

With one RS232, one RS485 and one CAN communication port respectively, it can adapt to a variety of communication modes.

With outdoor IP54 protection, multiple safety control and lightning protection, the product is easily adaptable to harsh environments such as high altitude and ultra-low temperature.

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Photovoltaic input

Input rated voltage

1102 V

Input voltage range

60 V-150 V

Maximum input voltage

150 V

Input over-voltage protection point

156 V

Input over-voltage recovery point

145 V



Rated photovoltaic output current

150 A

200 A

300 A

400 A

600 A


Mains input

Input rated voltage

380 VAC

Input voltage frequency

50 Hz/ 60 Hz

Rated input current

39 A

Rated output current

150 A. The maximum current supported is 300 A.





Parameters of the battery

Battery rated voltage

48 V

Battery voltage range

43 V-58 V

Protection voltage

59 V



Other parameters

Cabinet dimension (mm)


Cabinet weight (kg)


Service temperature (℃)


Application altitude (m)

≤3000;Rating reduction shall be observed according to relevant standard when the application altitude rises above 3000 m.


Automatic protections for over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, short-circuit and over-temperature are available. Moreover, automatic recovery is also available for over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage and over-temperature protection. Additionally, battery reverse connection protection, anti-reverse charging protection, and battery over-discharge protection are also available.


Inspection Report issued by CTTL


Application topology:

Topology diagram


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