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Discover Sustainable Solar Home Systems by Zonergy

  • Portable power stations can be incredibly important for outdoor users, reliable energy can be provided anytime, anywhere. Zonergy is an established provider of inventive and practical energy solutions that cater to a diverse range of needs. Among our many products, we offer an exceptional line of portable power stations that boasts unrivaled performance and reliability. These power stations are designed to meet the needs of those who require portable solar power solutions, especially during emergencies or outdoor camping expeditions.
  • Whether outdoor users need a dependable source of energy for RV or tent or require a backup power source to ensure that the home remains functional during an electricity outage, Zonergy's portable power stations are the perfect solution. These power stations are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology that allows them to generate electricity from solar panels. They are not only environmentally friendly but are also incredibly efficient and easy to use. With a variety of configurations to choose from, Zonergy's portable power stations are undoubtedly the best choice for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line solar-powered energy solution.
home energy storage systems
  • The products offer different varieties of solar energy and solar energy storage. There are different products, including residential products, commercial products, and photovoltaic power systems. The systems are designed on the best innovative microgrid integrated solutions.
  • In this category, the user can avail of the products, including home energy storage systems with single-phase and three-phase systems. Zonergy has ranked top in the construction of technical solutions and smart microgrid projects. It also works in the solar home system by offering some smart products for users.
About Our Portable Power Stations
  • Our portable solar power stations are designed to deliver robust performance, long-lasting power, and seamless portability. Portable solar power stations focus on durability and efficiency and are primarily aimed at home use. Such as household emergency power, camping, etc., to provide stable power.
  • With advanced lithium-ion battery technology, these stations offer a high energy density and extended runtimes. Equipped with multiple AC outlets, DC ports, and USB ports, our portable battery power station can power various devices and equipment simultaneously. Whether users need to charge tools, run small machinery, or operate communication systems, our portable battery power stations have covered.
  • Zonergy Portable Solar Power Station Uses Solar Energy Efficiently, These stations combine the convenience of portable power with solar's clean and renewable energy. Featuring built-in solar panels and battery storage, our portable solar power stations allow us to capture sunlight and store it for later use. They are ideal for off-grid locations or areas with limited access to electricity. Our portable solar power station provides a sustainable and reliable power source, enabling you to operate essential equipment and maintain productivity even in remote environments.
home energy storage systems
  • storage systems, including:
  • •Energy storage system Panda
  • Power Rating: 3.68-6kW
  • •Three phases PV Inverter
  • Power Rating: 3.68-6kW
  • •Single Phase PV Inverter
  • Power Rating: 3.68-6kW
  • •Hybrid inverter
  • Power Rating: 3.68-6 kW
  • •Wall heater
  • •Off-grid power supply Granite
  • Power Rating: 0.5-1kW

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