Milestone Achieved by Zonergy’s 900 MW Solar PV Power Project

An aerial view of the first-phase 300 megawatt solar PV power plant in Pakistan by Zonergy

The 300 megawatt solar PV power project in Punjab Province of Pakistan, first phase of Zonergy’s 900 megawatt project, was connected to the grid recently. The first phase project can generate up to 480 million KWH electricity annually, which can power at least 200 thousand households in Pakistan. The grid-connection, realized in Pakistan’s Ramadan, will help bring long-awaited clean electricity for Pakistan people in the hot summer.

Zonergy Company Limited, with over 20 years’ experience of globalized business in more than 170 foreign countries, actively participates in the “One Belt and One Road” initiative of China. Its power project in Pakistan is listed as one of the “Early Harvest Projects” under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project was launched in April 2015 as witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his state visit to Pakistan. The 900 megawatt project is located in the QA Solar Park in Bahawalpur, Pakistan and covers an area of 4,500 acres. It will be the world’s largest single solar PV power project when completed, offering approximately 1.3 billion KWH clean electricity annually for Pakistan to greatly ease its power shortage. The whole project has a total investment of US$1.5 billion, with the first phase’s 300 MW funded by a consortium constituting Export-Import Bank of China, China Development Bank, Bank of Jiangsu and China Bohai Bank. The investment of the project was insured by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and guaranteed by China United SME Guarantee Corporation. Since the launching of the project, Zonergy has been promoting construction at a high-standard “Chinese speed” with support of both governments, having achieved 50 megawatt’s grid connection in 90 days after the start of the massive construction, and completed the 300 megawatt connection recently. It is the first energy project under CPEC that has realized financial closure and gird connection, making it a pace maker amongst  the “One Belt and One Road”projects.

This project not only generates clean electricity for power-hungry Pakistan, but also offers more than 3,000 job opportunities along with training for local people. It has trained a large batch of local technicians for the inexperienced Pakistani PV industry. After completion, local employees will account for 80% of operation and maintenance staff. In spite of various unfavorable conditions such as high temperature of heating summer, monsoon, Ramadan and the lack of workers, the project teams kept high efficiency and deployed air, land and air logistics integratedly, eventually building up in the desert area of southern Punjab a grand and vibrant “energy oasis” . The successful grid connection marks a milestone for CPEC, and will instill a flow of strong vitality for the friendship between China and Pakistan.