Zonergy President Yu Spoke at G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting

On June 29, 2016, the Group of 20 Energy Ministerial Meeting was held in Beijing.Guests attending the opening ceremony included Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, Director of National Energy Administration Nur Bekri, Under-Secretary-General of theUnited Nations Shamshad Akhtar, and energy ministers of major countries.

Zonergy President Yu Yong Spoke at G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting

Zonergy Company Limited participated in the meeting as a representative of renewable energy leaders. Yu Yong, president of Zonergy, addressed the meeting on thetopic of ‘Energy Accessibility through Digital Solar Technology’.

The meeting discussed how to make sustainable energy accessible to all by analyzing the role of energy access and its future in helping achieve poverty all eviation and regional economic development, and sharing the best practices.

In his speech, Yu offered the following suggestions based on years’ of business success of the Company in domestic and international markets, with a focus on project financing and business model renovation.

First,improve the economics of projects through participation of financial institutions. Zonergy’s 900MW solar power project in Punjab, Pakistan was analyzed as an example. The project requires a total funding of 1.5 billion USD. Its first phase of 300MW had recently realized grid-connection, with an annual generating capacityof 500 million kilowatt hours to power at least 200,000 households in Pakistan.

Second,promote regional energy accessibility and economy through demonstration projects. According to Yu, off-grid solar systems are proved to be the most efficient way to reach out to remote areas with under-developed transportation infrastructure and scattered residence. In the 3-year campaign of the National Energy Administration of China to power non-electrified rural areas, Zonergy took the lead in the campaign to supply electricity to a population of over 500,000people in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan provinces. The Company, being the biggest contributor who took up nearly 50% of the project workload, was the first to complete all constructions.

Third,establish long-term mechanism for multi-party cooperation among governments,energy companies and financial institutions. By utilizing communication and information technologies in solar projects, we achieved digitalized managementof solar power projects throughout the project lifecycle of design,construction, operation and maintenance. The Digital Solar Technology,supported with big-data centers, can improve the project bankability by providing banks, the government and other stakeholders with timely and accurate operational information.

Fourth,set up new business models such as PPP to expedite energy accessibility. He explained that the solar poverty alleviation model is a typical PPP model where power stations are co-constructed by the public and private sectors and the profitis distributed accordingly. Zonergy advocated that the government, enterprisesand financial institutions work in cooperation to achieve win-win outcomes.

By providing land, tax concessions, grid interconnection, and financing guaranteesfor the projects, the local governments will not only realize the task of poverty reduction, but also promote local economic development through cooperation with leading solar enterprises and promote ‘energy accessibility’. Bankscan help rural households out of poverty by working with solar companies andmake loans available to the county-level with the help of internet+ technology.

Toconclude, Yu Yong pointed out that Zonergy is dedicated to making energy accessible to more by exploring solar opportunities in Pakistan, Chad, Namibia,Tajikistan, Nepal, India and other countries. Zonergy will continue to make contribution to realizing access of renewable energy to all on a world-widebasis.